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Yay4play Ultimate Activity Kit

Yay4play Ultimate Activity Kit

SKU: 0058

The Ultimate Activity Kit is perfect for your whole family’s play experience, including children 3-6 years old. This play kit comes with many more activities, double the amount of bricks + a whole range of educational games to engage siblings an friends.

See our Basic or Premium Activity Kits for 1 or 2 children.

The Yay4Play Ultimate Activity Kit comes in a sturdy box and is easy to pack up – no mess, no fuss.

Your activity kit contains:

  • 8 sets of the famous Six Bricks for up to 4 children to develop and consolidate key skills that are fundamental to all learning: a way to nurture your child’s social, speech and physical skills.
  • Additional fun bricks including animals, people, wheels, larger bricks and interesting shapes to allow your child to experience the magic of play.
  • 5 x Emotions bricks: a powerful way of developing social and emotional skills, one of the fundamental ways for developing a sense of self.
  • Instruction cards for 40 activities that you can scale up or down according to the level of each child to repeat on a daily basis.
  • Additional fun resources for creative building: pegs, dice, ribbons, pipe-cleaners to kickstart stimulating and innovative play.
  • 2 x special fidget toys: a great reward that also builds number skills as well as developing concentration and focus.
  • Diagrammatic ‘move and jump’ mat: an incredibly powerful way of building numeracy and literacy skills and the use of colours and shapes.
  • More mats for learning patterning as part of numeracy development as well as developing 2D and 3D perceptual skills.
  • A sample of the coding Play Kit to build computational skills.
  • Membership of the Yay4Play Club and access for one year to our online learning portal: Videos and online guides empower parents to direct and expand on play-based learning. This is your door to ongoing learning for yourself and to ensure that play-based learning continues at home, through meaningful, guided activities.
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