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Our Story

We welcome you to our Australian owned family run business with a dream to provide all products that will help or encourage children and adults throughout their lives. These range from fine motor skills, gross motor skills, sensory processing and many more. 

My name is Jemma, I am a mum to 3 beautiful children aged between 2 and 10 years old. 

I started motherhood with my son who was born very sick and had many months in hospital before being able to take him home. After this came many years in and out of hospital with any surgeries which i could see over time grow his anxiety around these environments. At the age of 7 he was diagnosed with ASD and ADHD which had me looking for any products that could help him with day to day life experiences. I struggled to find a store that could provide a good range for all different needs which got me planning my business and here we are, starting to offer items that helped my son and also now daughter who has also been diagnosed with ASD and ADD. I have a dream to grow and have many more products to help everyone and can't wait to have this dream come true.  

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